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Get ready to say cheese and celebrate National Dairy Month with CLAAS! We're here to show our unwavering support for our incredible dairy farmers, and what better way to kick off the festivities than with a chance to win FREE cheese for a whole year!

That's right, three lucky winners will get to enjoy cheesy goodness every month for 12 months straight.

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1. Snap a selfie with your favorite dairy bovine.

2. Upload your photo along with your details.

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Click here for contest rules and regulations.

Dairy Farmer Testimonials

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Lambs Dairy | NY

Established in 1966, Lamb Farms is a dairy operation formed through a partnership between two families. Owned and operated by the Lamb and Veazey families, the farm boasts a daily milking output of over 9,000 cows across two locations. Recently, Lamb Farms has expanded its operations to include cheese production, specifically Queso Fresco.

Daley Farms | MN

Daley Farms, nestled in Lewiston, MN, boasts a rich heritage as a 6th Generation family dairy farm. Each family member contributes their specialized expertise, from meticulous crop management to ensuring the well-being of the cows. With a herd of 1,400 cows, they uphold a tradition of excellence in dairy production. Spanning 3,000 acres, their harvest includes a blend of corn and hay silage.

King's Dairy | NY

Continuing his family's rich legacy, Jan King, the proprietor of King Brother's Dairy in Schuylerville, NY, is dedicated to ensuring that customers relish the same exquisite dairy delights he cherished as a child. From meticulously bottling their own milk to crafting the finest ice cream, King Brother's Dairy steadfastly upholds its commitment to superior quality. They prioritize optimal feed and the comfort of their cows, ensuring that customers can savor the exceptional products they've cherished for years, with the assurance of continued excellence in the future.

The JAGUAR Forage Harvester

Experience the revolution in forage harvesting with the CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvester! Featuring innovative SHREDLAGE® technology, this powerhouse machine is changing the game for dairy farmers nationwide, putting the focus squarely on the cow.

The JAGUAR is designed for unparalleled productivity, offering more choices, greater comfort, and ultimately, higher yields. With the SHREDLAGE process, the quality of the cut is enhanced, leading to daily milk yield increases and overall improvement in herd health.

Discover firsthand the difference the JAGUAR can make for your dairy operation. See how it's transforming farms across the country and envision the possibilities for you and your herd.